New foreign trade fabric Arctic warm velvet double-layer blanket thickened flannel single and double flannel blanket coral velvet

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150*200      10.85
200*230     12.84

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Article number BJNR0080SC Product category Flannel texture of material polyester (polyester)
Gram weight 560 Processing customization Yes Does it support one consignment support
pattern Solid color Product grade Qualified products Blanket type other
style Modern simplicity Color Pandora, Viento, Venice blue, Moscow Size specification 150*200cm,200*230cm,100*14cm


AB version double-sided warmth and lasting constant temperature (warm, comfortable, soft, moisture absorption and ventilation)

It is made of high-quality fabrics with softness and warmth retention. The fluff is tight and fine, and the layers are gently covered. It is soft and comfortable to touch your skin, warming every inch of your skin,

Specification: 150 * 200cm; 1.9kg /200*230cm ; 2.85kg

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