New Style Fish Scale Pattern Flannel Bronzing Textile Fabric

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Main ingredients: 100% polyester

Width: 160CM or customized

Weight: 150-220GSM or customized

Color: customizable

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Main ingredients: 100% polyester

Width: 160CM or customized

Weight: 150-220GSM or customized

Color: customizable

Pattern: customizable

Features: soft fabric, good warmth retention, no ball, no fading

Mainly used to make blankets, sofa blankets, pillows, shawl blankets, etc.

How about flannel?

Flannel fabric, also known as Falaise, was created in Wales, England in the 18th century. Generally speaking, domestically refers to the woolen woolen fabric with interlaced style woven by mixed color carded wool yarn, which is covered with a layer of plump and clean fluff, no texture, soft and smooth, soft and smooth, and the body bone is better than that of Maier. The board is slightly thinner. In addition, the flannel's silk size is fine and the flexural modulus is small, so the fabric has outstanding softness.

When flannel is produced, part of the wool or cotton fiber is dyed, and then a part of the primary color wool or cotton fiber is mixed, and after mixing, it is spun into a mixed color wool yarn, which is woven into a fabric by milling and napping. Finished by craftsmanship. Most of the flannel uses twill weave, but also plain weave. In addition to all wool or pure cotton, its raw materials are generally wool or cotton viscose blends. In the market, some flannels will also add a small amount of nylon fiber to blend together to form flanges to improve wear resistance. velvet.


1. Quality: We have our own quality inspection team to ensure quality and always provide you with the highest quality products.

2. Competitive price: We are a factory; we can provide you with the lowest price.

3. Good reputation and satisfactory service: The color, width, weight and other specifications can be customized.

4. On-time delivery: It usually takes 15-20 working days after receiving the deposit. (Depending on quantity)

5. Proof according to the sample and confirm the order.

6. No charge for samples

Customer service is online 24 hours a day, all products can be customized design, all products have passed the test report (SGS, OEKO-TEX100)

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